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Your choice of a law firm for your injury case is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. HF will navigate the complex world of evidence, negotiations, insurance companies, medical providers, litigation, and trial at no fees or cost until we prevail.


Elite injury attorneys must master orthopedics, neurology, radiology, physics, engineering, & psychology. All firms are NOT created equal. Ask your future injury attorney the tough questions and explore their knowledge of these critical topics. You have one case. Make sure you get it right. 


The people I deal with on the defense side are often ruthless in their lack of empathy. Most defense attorneys have “drank the Kool-Aid” and look at every plaintiff as someone that is simply money-hungry, looking to hit the lottery, exaggerating their injuries, or someone with pre-existing conditions. Most of them are paid by the hour so they are happy to continue billing their insurance company client and unreasonably extend the litigation process. The majority of plaintiff attorneys get frustrated with these nefarious tactics, give up, and convince their client to settle. They fear losing the money they personally risk by taking your case to trial, doubt their own persuasion skills, and are intimidated by the defense lawyers and the billion-dollar insurance corporations they represent. I previously worked for two large, prestigious defense firms. I was in the boardrooms, on the conference calls, in the courtrooms. I know their games and my unique insight of internal insurance strategy is a distinct advantage for you in your fight for justice. I am relentless and will not accept one dollar less than what you are truly owed for your losses.


So many attorneys in this practice area are lacking knowledge in the most important aspect of injury law- the medicine itself. Technology, medicine, and research are constantly evolving. It takes diligence and time to stay apprised of the latest information. I pride myself in spending countless hours reviewing the most recent science, surgical techniques, speaking to actual physicians, and attending educational seminars. I often scrub into the surgical procedures of my clients to show them my support and learn every aspect of their procedure. This extra effort enables me to intelligently discuss the medicine with the hired defense “experts” (hired guns) whose job is to render biased opinions to weaken our case. Nobody will be more prepared than I will be.

personal attention

The larger "factory" law firms have a simple model: take in a high volume of clients and settle cases as quickly as possible for the highest amount they can convince their client to accept. Unfortunately, that usually leads to a client getting a small fraction of what the case is actually worth based on the various elements of damages. To them, your case is simply a monthly quota they can put toward their offices, staff, and enormous marketing budget. Conversely, I purposefully keep overhead extremely low so that my settlement advice to you is not skewed by perverse financial motivations. I am selective in which clients I take on and max out the value of every case that comes to me. I have a personal and intimate relationship with my clients that you simply do not get from a large firm where you rarely talk to your attorney and probably have a difficult time even getting them to call you back. I bring sophistication to your representation.

"I am determined to change the current epidemic of inadequate and unacceptable settlement offers from insurance companies. I am not afraid to take your case to trial. Unfortunately, most attorneys leave millions of dollars on the table because they either want a quick turnover or are scared to try the case in front of a jury. I will fight and expect those at fault to pay every penny you are rightfully owed."

Ryan M. Hutchinson, Esq.



Costs and contingency fees vary, but you pay nothing unless a settlement or verdict is secured in your favor. All fees and costs are paid from the recovery amount, otherwise you owe nothing for the representation. Prior to retention you will receive all client rights and cost & fee information in writing.

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